Computer System

Desktop - Laptop - Notebook - Macbook

Most people today use computers either at work or at home. It is important that people have a quality resource for buying and servicing those computers. We will provide a quality resource - a one-stop shop for IBM-compatible computers. NESA iTwill offer the following products and services with excellent customer service in a friendly, professional, and pleasant environment:
  • Ready-to-Sell Computers - We will sell new and used computer systems in various price ranges that are already built and ready to be used.
  • Custom-Built Computers - We will build and sell computer systems that are custom-designed according to the customer's preferences.
  • Service and Repairs -We will do full-service computer diagnosis and repairs with an emphasis on quality work within an expedient turn-around time.
  • Upgrades - We will offer customers the latest technology available to upgrade the computers they already own.

Refurbished Computers


The best deal on off lease refurbished computers can be found right here. Take advantage of our affordable desktops that are backed by quality for you and your family. Our comprehensive product line is made up of both everyday and performance desktops at wallet-friendly prices. Whether you are searching for a machine that can tackle your most demanding applications or a family PC for school and entertainment, our stock is guaranteed to have the device to meet your needs.

Computer Peripherals

Computer's Parts and Accessories

Computer Accessories

Maximize work efficiency by adding accessories such as webcams, external keyboards, and laptop stands to your workspace. Be ready to go wherever your job leads you with travel adapters and other laptop accessories. Protect your computer from overheating, dust, and other damage.

Enhanced Connectivity
When you have a full inventory of cables on hand, you're always ready to plug and play. Choose from a wide variety of USB cables and cable hubs, monitor and printer cables, Ethernet and patch cables, cable adapters, and cable management tools. Add a webcam to your desktop computer configuration to allow for easy video chatting with colleagues and clients. Stay fully charged up on the go with a full array of laptop chargers, car adapters, and travel power kits for your laptop.

Optimized Work Space
Let your laptop live up to its name with a convenient laptop desk that lets you work from any chair, or choose a laptop stand or rise to reconfigure your laptop computer to function as if it were a desktop, providing you with typing comfort. Add an external keyboard to your laptop to use it on your desk easily, or opt for an ergonomically correct mouse or keyboard to protect your wrists and hands as you type.

Protective Features
Cool down an overheating laptop with chill mats, cooling pads, and laptop fans designed to keep you working. Protect your desktop screen, your privacy, and your eyesight by choosing from filters that reduce glare and eyestrain and shield your monitor from prying eyes. Pick up air dusters, screen cleaners, and monitor wipes to maintain your computer's functionality and protect it from harm caused by dust. When it's time for an upgrade, check out the full array of available laptops and computers to find the right machine to meet your workplace needs.

Keyboard Mouse
Speaker & Home Theater
Web Cam
Pendrive & Storage Device
Memory Cards
VGA & HDMI Cables
Charger & Adapter

Computer Parts

We offer a broad selection of legacy and new computer parts for repairs, system expansion and new computer system builds.

  • High efficiency power supplies compatible with ATX, AT and Dell form factors, with select 80 Plus® certified models
  • CPU Cooling fans and parts to improve thermal management
  • Various miscellaneous parts for new system builds or repair - replacement hardware mounting screws, expansion slot covers, Motherboard, PCI cards, NIC cards, Sound & Graphics card, SMPS, Cabinet, Hard Disk, SSD, RAM, Processor, CPU fan etc.
Hard Disk
Graphics Card
NIC Lan Card
PCI Cards

Licenseware Software

OS- Server-Application-Security

We are a multi-brand software distribution company catering to organizations and end users. Aurum Software has been, and will continue to be distribution partners and authorised resellers for some of the leading software manufacturers. Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk and Symantec are a few names from our long list of franchise. We have a huge catalog of software that are targeted at Enterprises, Mid and Small sized businesses , Design professionals and home computer users.

Our good understanding of end user requirements and the business needs help us in assisting our customers in making the right choice when they purchase a software. Let it be a simple piece of software that you want to purchase to make your everyday computing easier or let it be a complex and crucial software package you want to purchase for your organization, we are here to provide you the assistance in making the right choice. NESA iTseeks pride in the customer service we have been providing our customers. Our commitment to you is that the orders that are placed will reach you in time to ensure that you do not lose your productivity. We do not stop by just selling you the software, but we will walk that extra mile with you in setting it up

Microsoft Server 2016 Standard

Microsoft Server 2016 Datacenter

Red Hat Configure

Linux Server with add-on

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Home



Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 365


Remote desktop & vm

Adode Photoshop & Illustrator

Adobe After Effects & Audition

Corel Draw

Autodesk & AutoCAD

Seqrite & Symantec Server Security

Quickheal & Avast Antivirus

Firewall & Internet Security




Server Client Configuration

We provide Windows & Linux Server installation, configuration, troubleshooting services, support and maintenance for existing server infrastructures. We also support a range of Microsoft products and services, including Sharepoint, RDS, Active Directory, Domain Controllers, Exchange, Outlook and more.

With many years experience with a variety of Microsoft products and services, we are confident your business can benefit from the performance, security and best practices we can offer. For file sharing, web services, data storage, DNS, email and more, we provide a robust environment to trust your online services.

Some of the services we support, include:
  • Active Directory and Domain management
  • Custom VPN configurations
  • Data Storage (SAN, NAS)
  • DNS Servers
  • Email Servers (IMAP, Exchange, POP3)
  • Web Servers (Various: IIS, Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, Tomcat)


Network Area Setup(LAN,WAN, Topology)

Our Network Integration Services can create a robust network that enables your IT infrastructure to adapt to rapidly changing business needs and emerging technologies, be it a traditional IT or hybrid cloud environment. Our knack for Network Function Virtualization and Software-Defined Networking help you design, deploy, monitor and manage a security-rich and optimized network.

Our expertise in Network Design, Integration, Optimization, Migration, Network and System Integration Services support both service provider as well as enterprise customers in their network and scalability with a focus on dynamic variables.

  • Routing & Switching
  • Security Appliances & Firewalls
  • WAN Optimization
  • IPSec & SSL VPN
  • Wireless & Quality of Service (QoS)