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CCTV Surveillance System

Camera & Security System

In new age companies and organizations of the 21st century have become more conscious about their security and as a result surveillance systems have gained huge importance. Surveillance is the monitoring of behaviour and it includes simple methods such as direct observation, observation with binoculars, cameras.

Many organizations today want to shore up the safety and security of their employees, visitors and students as well as their premises and assets, hence seek for innovative, affordable alternatives that deliver rapid and appropriate responses to crimes or Security threats. Government, institutions and enterprises of all sizes are realizing an urgent need to visually monitor all the activities. Real-time video surveillance systems based on latest technologies are proving to be one of the most effective methods of addressing a wide range of security challenges in both the public and private sectors.

Analog Digital Camera, IP Camera, PTZ Camera, HD Camera, WiFi Camera, 360 Panoramic Camera, Thermal Camera

Biometric Security Solution

Access Control System

NESA iTis a leading in delivering security solutions that help businesses to improve their operations. We implement innovative solutions to help enterprises to become safer and smarter.

Biometrics refers to the science of establishing individuals’ identities based on their physical and behavioral traits such as fingerprints, face, iris, voice, and gait. Compared to traditional authentication schemes that are knowledge-based (passwords) or token-based (RSA tokens), biometric-based systems are considered more convenient and secure. Users don’t have to memorize passwords or possess proof of identity such as ID cards, and impostors can be deterred or detected with increased ease. Hence, biometric systems have been deployed in numerous commercial, civilian, and forensic applications to establish identity.

NESA iTis leader in Biometrics, Access control & RFID industry in India. Our focus is to produce innovative products and service to simplify the organization tasks like Access control, time and attendance, sales force tracking, data collection and reporting.

Sensor Security System

Intrusion Alarm System

Customised Security Solutions for Your Home & Office Premise’s with our products at all time.

Home security systems help to protect your home from the risk of theft, fire and vandalism. It gives you peace of mind as most modern systems automatically alert the authorities if something bad happens in your home. Installing a home security system also reduces your insurance rates for many types of homeowner insurance.

When correctly installed, home security systems can help to provide greater peace of mind, lower insurance rates and better security for your family. Installation is generally quick and uncomplicated even in older structures. The chief additions are to put detectors on all doors that trigger whenever they open.

Make sure that all entrances to the house have sturdy locks. Consider putting bars on bottom floor windows if you are particularly concerned about break-ins. Check the batteries of all security related systems regularly - particularly when going on vacation 

Intrusion Alarm System

We deliver state-of-the-art home security products and services that will ease your mind knowing that whether you are at home or away; your home, family and possessions are safe from any kind of burglary, fire and medical emergencies.

Our home security systems work on the simple concept of securing entry points into a home with sensors that communicate with a control panel installed in a convenient location somewhere in the home. The sensors are typically placed in doors that lead to and from a house as well as easily accessible windows, particularly any that open, especially those at ground level. Open spaces inside of homes are secured with motion sensors.

GPS & GSM Based Security

Tracking System and Device

Company and industry specific solutions available 

Security is a big challenge everywhere because thefts are increasing day by day owing to the unsafe and insecure security systems in homes, commercial complexes and industries. Several conventional technologies are available to keep home properties safe from intruders, but most common smart home security systems work on wireless GSM communication. Such systems provide security from natural, incidental, intended, unintended, accidental and human made problems by continuously monitoring homes with different sensory systems like motion, smoke, gas, temperature, glass break or door break detectors and fire alarm systems.


We focus on Providing solutions for tracking with GPS hardware,including personal gps tracking devices, Child gps trackers, GPS tracker for containers & trailers and home security as well as a complete range of in vehicle permanently mounted with GPS Tracking devices. We also focus on Remote Data Transmission for our clients as per their need.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Perfect for personal use or small company.

Best price guarantee!

GPS based vehicle tracking system allows to easily track locations of multiple vehicles in a real time. It consists of a GPS device installed to the vehicle as well as software which collects the data and pictures vehicles’ locations on the screen. Apart from vehicle location GPS device can also send a real time data about vehicle’s condition and specific events which are set in the GPS device. For instance, one of the most commonly tracked events in public transport are doors (open/closed), ignition (on/off), vehicle’s speed.