Video Door Phone

IP video door bell & Wireless VDP

The video door phones with smart technology intimate you about the visitors at your door even before you have the door open. The ultimate security solution is widely used in homes, apartments and businesses for their greater reliability and cost effective.

Wireless video door phone solution for a multi-apartment building complex. It offers a lobby door phone that serves the whole building for visitors entering the lobby and additionally, one from the front door of each apartment (optional). Both the lobby and door unit communicate to the resident inside apartment and allows the resident to view and converse with the visitors using a Smart App that can operate on tablet or smartphone. The whole system is managed through a dedicated server.

When visitors at the lobby or front door presses the door bell, the tablet or smartphone at home being wireless would ‘ring’ indicating the arrival. The Smart App allows user with video and audio access to the front door camera to validate the visitor before opening the door. The solution includes some additional (optional) features such as,

  1. Viewing visitor remotely when away from home (requires internet connectivity)
  2. Remotely unlocking door
  3. Storing videos of front door visitors for playback

Access Control System

Time Attendence Machine

Access Control systems can be simply defined as the process by which security staff control who enters and leaves the premises and when.

Pertaining to the growing demand and security concerns, access control has always been vital for every organization. Main objective of the Access Control is to begin with – protect physical, IP and human assets. This requires restricting unauthorized people from reaching pre-defined areas. Moreover, the basic question of who, where and when with adequate flexibility and scalability needs to be addressed with door access control system. To meet this requirement,

NESA iTpresents an adaptive, modular, scalable and function-rich Access Control solution. It is designed to meet access control needs of any organization irrespective of its size, locations, layouts, and timings. In addition, a range of value-added features like Anti-Pass-back, 2-Person rule, First-In User, Blocked Users, Door Auto Re-lock, Guard Tour, Man-Trap and Smart Card based Identification ensures Fool-proof security of physical assets and safety of manpower.


  • Control Access based on User, Zone and Time
  • Palm Vein and Multispectral Biometric Fingerprint Access Control
  • Secure Sensitive Areas with Advanced Access Control Features
  • IP based Architecture to Enhance Reliability and Scalability
  • Centralized Monitoring and Control of Multiple Devices and Locations
  • Get Real-time Notification on Exceptions
  • Integrate Fire Alarm and other Devices for better Safety and Security

EPABX System

VOIP & Intercomm System

The electronic private automatic branch exchange (EPABX) is equipment that has made day-to-day working in the offices much simpler, especially in the area of communication. The EPABX may be defined as a switching system that makes available both internal and external stitching functions of any organisation.The selection of an EPBAX is a difficult task and requires deep knowledge of traffic pattern of the office. By using an EPABX both the internal and external needs of the organisation are fully served. With the advent of powerful microprocessors and advancements in the field of computers, the EPBAX can boast of versatile features. Hotline can be established between the boss and his immediate subordinates.
The feature of a call transferring and forwarding is another area enabling mobility of the users. Autoconferencing and automatic redialling of numbers found engaged on the first trial are some of other advancements in the features of the EPBAX.
The selection of an EPBAX for an organisation should be preceded by a thorough study of the needs of the office. The exchange should be supporting features like voice DISA-n-auto attendant. This feature helps in doing away with a receptionist or an attendant. Further, the specifications should ensure inbuilt paging, auto fax homing, hot outward dialing, remote dialing, remote servicing and auto shut dynamic lock.

PA (Public Address) System

Fire Alarm Solutions

We customize the Public Address System for announcements and emergency voice evacuation as per the requirement of the installation.


The Public Address System comprises of ceiling / wall mounted speakers, amplifiers, mixers, system consoles etc. The Public Address System is integrated with the Fire Alarm System through necessary interfaces. Select the speakers for its designated use and the specific area of installation based upon our large experience of designing.

IP Public Address system has been designed for use across various market applications that require communication with the masses. Our Internet Protocol based PA system has the ability to broadcast live and pre-recorded messages, tones, bells or alarms to one or multiple PA zones.

With a traditional Public Address system, the voice, music & sound is transported via dedicated cabling. This means that the cabling 'fixes' the individual components of the system (eg. speakers, microphones and system equipment). With an Internet Protocol based Public Address system, we are free from dedicated fixed cabling, providing promise for much more flexible and integrated commercial IP audio solutions. 

In an IP environment it could be as simple as unplugging and re- plugging the system at the new location. It ensures deployment and installation flexibility to any network point, including wireless – and even multi-site (eg. Announcement can be done to Different buildings in a campus, sitting in any of the buildings or in a control room.) Components connected to the system are mostly configured by software, this can be done locally or (with security enabled login) or remotely from the network. Login can be from the same building, site, or anywhere you can gain access to the network. Some of the more important system components are also capable of providing various logging events, and system management status. Device and zonal mapping, including software driven audio files and levels are examples of the sort of capabilities that an IP PA system can provide.

Smart Home Automation

IoT Devices & Services

NESA iTprovide you the next generation home automation innovation,that lets you control, monitor and secure your home with your smartphone.

It is a connected home technology that is designed to automate functions and grant you control over the property. Home control mechanism gives you the access to control the security of the house. It works on mobile application control which can be integrated with the security systems installed. You can set the schedule, and the rest is automated and based on your personal preferences thus providing convenience, control, money savings, and an overall smarter home. Home automation can also alert you to events that you might want to know about right-away while you are gone like water leaks and unexpected access to your home etc.

The market for smart lighting, in particular, is expected to grow the fastest. One of the reasons that people continue to embrace smart home technology in their lives is because companies are taking the initiative to educate their customers about what options are available. The benefits that home automation can offer are incredible and the potential value these systems could add to homes is unparalleled.

Saving time and money, smart home products give you the ability to control your home, lighting, appliances, and some decor from a smartphone, an Apple watch, and even voice control.

Smart home automation is the era of smartphones and AI communicating to automate your home to be interconnected. Recently, voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home allow users to connect with home appliances. With a command of "Alexa turn on the bedroom light."